About Manifesto


Manifesto is a biannual publication that honors the great tradition of the most valuable and freethinking manifestos of past and present. The first of the issue is dedicated to the Green New Deal, as our environmental destruction is currently the most urgent matter that should concern us all every minute of every day. 


The publication is both an experiment in design, and a didactic tool of human history in the hands of designers and artists. It is meant to ignite active participation and the propagation of ideals of freedom, equality, and positive change in the age of hyper-capitalism and fake news.



In each Manifesto issue we feature artists who in our minds best represent the theme of the issue. The Green New Deal features work of Jill Ballistic, Verda Alexander and Zeph Fishlyn, all of whom embody the spirit of art as social activism and use their work as relevant socio-political commentary.



 We created a reading list and a download pod for those interested in art, politics and social justice.

If you are interested in sharing a digital copy of your zine, send samples with a short bio/website and Manifesto Submission in the email title to: paulina@nervydesign.com

We do not distribute at this moment other than via free digital downloads.

Coming Soon


Manifesto is a small publishing operation, and since we offer our downloads free of charge, we rely on fundraising efforts to sustain the print of the gazette. YES! there will be  a post pandemic printed issue with screen-printed posters, stickers, postcards and many more gifts! Consider becoming a monthly sustainer and check back in December for subscriptions and fundraising help.


If you want to make a donation now, send email with Donation in the header to paulina@nervydesign.com 

Each donation over $50 buys you a pre-order and a physical copy of the Manifesto zine with some surprise swag included.

Coming Soon


We are in the process of building out our shop, stay tuned for our products and updates. In the meantime follow us on Instagram. Proceeds from your purchase go to the reprint of the next issue.